★Final Results★

Hello mates! It’s Neko Lafanette ( ゚▽゚)/!

We are at the conclusion of the cosplay poll! Here are the final results:

★First Place: Neko (52 votes)

☆Runner-Up: An OC (37 votes)

Diabolik Lovers (33 votes)

Danganronpa (16 votes)

Matryoshka (10 votes)

Thank you to all who voted!!!

Unfortunately, I had to cut the votes short and wait for 150 instead of 200, because almost no votes came in after a while.

I believe a Neko is fitting since I absolutely adore Nekos, and it’s my main avatar for absolutely everything. Maybe a Lolita Neko or Maid Neko would be best…? Comment what you think, mates ^^!

An OC would give me the time to be creative and find pieces that fit the best with my character.

And for Diabolik Lovers, yay! It’s my favorite anime, I love the games, so let’s give it a go!

I will definitely post photos of our cosplays on Neko-sama!!, Twitter, and G+. If we get the chance to film our experience, I’ll post the video on YouTube and links to it.

Once again, thank you to all who voted!

Yours Truly,



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