Games & All That Jazz

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Hello mates, it’s Neko-sama ((>~<)). This post is being brought to you by my iPhone 5S, not my usual, trusty laptop.

I didn’t want to have to use my phone, but here we are.

So, this is a lil’ post addressing some games I would like to play, and games I am currently playing.

For starters, I would like to download Yandere Simulator. There are multiple builds, bugs, fixes, and continuous edits, but nevertheless, I’d still love to play. YandereDev is on a roll, and the game is likely to be out quite soon (I forgot the release date). Unfortunately, I could not find a download link, and most of the sites look pretty sketchy. I could end up getting a virus and not being able to play the game in the first place (; ̄Д ̄)! If any of you have a DL link, please message me on G+ or comment down below.

I would also like to try out ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’. I’ve watched  couple of game-plays for MEC (BETA), and it seems very interesting. The full game is out now, so why not?

And I absolutely would love to play ‘DIABOLIK LOVERS: LOST EDEN‘!! It’s the most recent game in the series, and it came out about four months ago for PlayStation Vita. I watched a few scenes on Rejetinfo and some game-play by Akui Chansera. The art has progressed wonderfully since the first game, so I am definitely proud of the artists and the company ( ^∇^) !

I currently play a bunch of games on ROBLOX. Mainly just a bunch of roleplay places (Hilton Hotel V4, Tsunami Sushi), admin spots (Kohl’s Admin House NBC),and challenge corners (The Hunger Games, Big Brother). Just a lot of simple games created by simple groups. I also bought 800 robux and blew it on outfits and gamepasses, so I now only have 142R.

My mother also said she’s going to buy an Xbox soon, whoop! I dunno if it’s Xbox 360 or Xbox 1. We shall see later~.

Do you have any suggestions for games I should play? If so, message me on Twitter or G+, or comment down below.

Yours Truly,



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